broken home / kapeesh (treetop / clams casino)

by Kapeesh

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Nothing to see here, folks. Just some residual rap career feels, residual relationship feels, residual old friend feels. Buncha feels.

"I don' know how to lead, there's gotta be somebody better" is an El-P line from his song 'run the numbers' that's always stuck with me. I was all in my feelings a couple months ago dealing with self induced pressures and all the things that come along with being appointed the head atop Megazord; feeling like i'm the only thing keeping whatever this is afloat. Feels.

I heart clams casino. Like a lot.



I don't know how to lead there's gotta be somebody better
I’m not equipped for your problems and your probably nevers
i wanna fail and be overthrown
not the last nail in your broken home

when were together I feel so alone,
can someone else be the bad guy
I’m sorry i don’t have a stand by
and that my standards are set in stone
it’s obvious i give a fuck
and evolved from a weaker form
nobody’s keeping score but y’all aint keeping up
is that my fault or yours
she thinks I’m bad influence
rude and translucent, she means transparent but
my first impression always needs edits
I’ve given more bruises than tulips
It's like refusing to give up on anyone just hurts me in the end
can i be taken under wing
I promised my plans revenged


released June 14, 2015